Can boys and girls be "friends"? Just friends?

Guys, men, boys…they all mean the same to a certain extend. Then, there are some who are suitable to be, just friends with. I call them the buddy type. They shop, gossip and watch movies with you. We talk about our men with them and they would totally listen and comment accordingly. I’m sure you have some guy friends like that.

It’s cool to have men as your best buddies simply because they have a whole different perceptive of everything. Not to say that girl friends are not cool – don’t get me wrong. It’s just that men rationalize and look at things from a different angle. It’s good to look at things from both side of the coin, isn’t it? Plus, it’s logical to get advice about men from a man. It’s rather refreshing sometimes.

If they are so cool and understanding, then how come he’s just a friend? He’s not gay either. Ha ha ha, this is the tricky bit. Some men, we are just not attracted to “that way”. No chemistry and no butterfly in your stomach feeling kind of man. No sexual attraction and no physical tension. Funny, but I can’t explain it myself.

Now, here comes the type of man who gives you all the above kind of feeling. It’s the boyfriend material. How would you know? Well I always believe in a woman’s instincts. It’s very powerful, so use it! These are the men whom you would do anything for. He makes you feel special because there is some unexplainable connection between you and him. There’s love.

The major difference between a male buddy and a boyfriend is that, boyfriends can make you feel jealous for no substantial reason. Caught him looking at another girl and you would throw tantrum, but if your male buddy does that, you would be totally supportive about it.

There is also another type, I call it The Façade – you both are just friends but deep inside, you are actually “mad” about him but have no guts what so ever to confess. This is the toughest category. Confess and risk losing a friend? Conceal and have your heart broken every time he talks about another girl he fancies? Both ways you lose.

If you are the bold type, I would say confess. At least you will feel relieved knowing that he knows, on top of that, the ball is now in his court. If he doesn’t feel the same about you, at least you know it for sure. I strongly suggest you move on with your life after the awkward confession session. Look up, be strong and move on, girls. On the contrary, I would personally avoid this option – I’ll totally chicken out.

So, which type of men do you have in your life? The buddy? The boyfriend? or the façade? It’s difficult to categorize them in this manner because some of them can be a mixture of almost everything, creating an unidentified hybrid. But one thing’s for sure -our relationship and interaction with men is inevitable. Who and what type of friendship you wish to establish with them, is completely entirely up to you – as long as you know where to draw the line.



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boy n girl be friend?
of course la boleh. kalo diaorg dh letakkan dlm hati untuk bersahabat, tentu boleh punya jadi sahabat. tp hati dan perasaan manusia sukar nak di fahami. kawan boleh jadi lawan dan kawan gak bleh jadi kekasih..tu sumer tak mustahil..yang penting, kawan jgn makan kawan…
orait, friend 4eva..peace, one love!

well… memang takde masalahnya bila boy n girl being a friend. kawan je mah…. sbb certain2 issue pendapat berlainan gender ni agak masuk akal.. & yang penting bila mintak tolong tu, emm… bisa diatur!

orait… caya la u all sume…. peace…!!!

aku suka aku suka…

bule ccari awek hahahaha

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